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Background of Distrust, Prelude to Betrayal: America's unaddressed questions lead to culture of coverups

by Kim-Ha Albert on Thursday, August 12, 2010  - First published August 9th on facebook 
Editors note: Kim-Ha Albert is a fb friend of mine, I have discussed a variety of topics with him and know that he is both a learned man and diligent researcher, enjoy his connecting of the dots with this well written essay.
Today the world once again looks back to the horrors of nuclear war and the power of one bomb, like the one detonated over Japanese air-space on 9 August 1945, 65 years ago this day. How did this war come to know this madness? Were not the horrors of the Nazi death camps, the firebombing of Dresden, the massacre of Polish soldiers by Soviet forces at Katyn enough? And why was this being done by America? Is this behavior reflective of our values? Or is it in keeping with our past, our history, and with the genocidal removal of the native peoples here before Europeans, and the sales and enslavement of Africans thereafter?  (continues below)
August 9th, 1945: This action upon Nagasaki was horrendous, to say the least. 

In the aftermath of the events which shook the nation and the world, President Franklin Roosevelt was never taken to task regarding his prior knowledge, or his staff's knowledge of the potential for a Japanese strike on an American target and the one which occurred on Pearl Harbor on Sunday, 7. December 1941, the day he claimed "would live in infamy". Many scholars and historians have speculated that he knew of an eminent attack, and yet, because he was well aware of the popular and prevailing isolationist desires of the large part of the population, he did nothing to prevent the deaths of many sailors who burnt alive in the lower decks of their ships, covered with engine oil, in the dark, without any chance of escape or survival, becoming the sacrificial lambs that would necessitate U.S. involvement in a new world war.

He "wanted to help" Churchill, who for more than 180 days had been bombarded by Nazi Germany's Luftwaffe, yet London and Coventry burned out of control on any given night from late 1940 onward. In the anger and new found "patriotism" and hatred against anything Japanese, American citizens of Japanese extraction were rounded up like cattle and sent packing to camps far away from their homes, their businesses and properties were seized, and they were hated and vilified by the population at large. The few voices that questioned the type of intelligence to which the president was privy, and those who saw the attack as a deliberate "set-up", and a pretext to a war declaration which would lift America out of a decade-long economic downturn and depression, were silenced and un-American. Many years later it became accepted that the decision to pack the harbor full of all of the ships that could be docked there was an attempt to goad the Japanese Imperial Navy to do what was expected: Attack, provide a clear and "moral" rationalization for war, and the net outcome was to give the US Navy a new fleet, enrich the defense industries with new contracts, and have it all subsidized and funded by the taxpayer, many of whom would be drafted into the war effort: controlled, silenced, imprisoned by drill sergeants, KP, and fundamentally without any of the constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms one would normally expect in this nation.

Flash-forward to the end of the war: Nazi war criminals, Waffen-SS officers who were convicted by AMG- and IMT-sponsored courts for the ghastly crimes of murdering captured US soldiers at Malmedy, were being released in 1951, and even Eleanor Roosevelt was asking "Why are we freeing all of these Nazis?" Rocket scientists and missile technicians who employed slave-labour from Himmler's SS and Albert Speer's armaments ministry were brought to the United States and wooed to create new and interesting weapon systems here, without fear of reprisal.

In 1947, events near Roswell, New Mexico, were never adequately detailed by the military and the few inquiring minds that questioned those events were coerced into silence, ridiculed as being crazy, or eliminated.

J.Edgar Hoover had been known to have issues with a certain young man from Midland, Texas, who was singing songs and playing music which was, to him, apparently of the type and style associated with that originating with minorities, and he, like so many of his peers, were concerned that white women would start dancing with men from another, more oppressed race, and this outcome could lead to no good. It was always presumed by this author that his airplane "accident" in February 1959 was no accident, and yet another one bites the dust.

In 1963, with the abrupt termination of an American executive, and the shock of his alleged assassin being murdered shortly thereafter on LIVE television, more questions and more unsatisfactory answers, government bullying, and a new war and a draft followed. That, it was presumably believed "would shut them up."

On any given day it seems to be the government's viewpoint that there are a number of malcontents clamouring for their "rights", and they are allowed to fester unmolified by any politician or court. Pro-lifers, Feminists, Muslims who want a mosque in a certain New York City location, anti-Abortion Christians, anti-fur advocates, Aryan Militia groups, Immigration rights activists, Immigration reform vigilantes, American Native-peoples commonly referred to as Indians, Teabaggers, Birthers--these, and so very many more, are ON ANY GIVEN DAY, competing with each other for the nation's ear, the nation's attention, and some new government action. (The poor, the aged, the uninsured, the homeless, the obnoxiously wealthy, and the "unnamed government sources" remain OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND, and invisible to the visage of most.)

In early 1993, CNN went LIVE, on a Sunday morning, with news of an explosion in New York, and the media was focused upon an apparent bombing attempt on a virtually empty World Trade Center tower's parking garage. Some usual suspects were rounded-up, one who "stupidly went back" to the rental agency where he procured the truck, in order to get his deposit. Janet Reno had a blind Imam, Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman convicted of "seditious conspiracy", and few if any cared anything about the injustice of that action, or many of the actions which were to follow from that one woman. And for the next 8 years the nation focused on sports, music, Monica, and a new guy, a former governor of Texas, who happened to share the same name and was indeed the son of a previous president. It was on his watch, when he became president, that a US "spy plane" (the media was rather quick with that summation) was forced down on April 1, 2001, over China's Hainan Island airbase, which is part of the People's Liberation Navy's most sensitive defense installation. People were outraged, visiting students from Taiwan near the campus of ASU could not get service at any restaurant until "we get our plane back!" and all of the most uneducated yokels in America showed their face and advertised their anti-Asian sentiments, especially after Bill Clinton's Justice Department head, Janet Reno, wrongly indicted and jailed an American physicist, Wen Ho Lee (Chinese: 李文和) for being a traitor and a spy while working at Los Alamos. These stories and many more died about as soon as they aired. It was the 90's, "hammer time", and no one wanted to miss an episode of "Cheers" or "Seinfeld".

But on September 11, 2001, New York felt the horror and shock of what damage two commercial aircraft could inflict on their city, and on the United States, by slamming into the World Trade Center's twin towers. Years of government cover-ups, denials, reticence, and lies had prepared some people here and abroad for what was to follow. For the average American, who turned into a flag-waving super patriot, none of this will make sense. But I recall search and rescue video which showed exhausted and frustrated firemen saying, "Nothing, not even a toilet bowl, fax machine, computer--you'd think with all these offices there'd be at least a door handle." I heard these words, and similar words in print media, too, time and again, in USA Today, The Arizona Republic, the (now defunct) Phoenix Gazette, and the New York Times and I found it in complete bad taste, as well, and a public relations black-eye, IF NOT A COMPLETE AND RESOUNDING IRONY, that they mentioned the rubble was being taken to FRESH KILLS ISLAND and that one of the pilots of the two planes was named KEVORKIAN. (WTF!!)

Clinton, as does Obama, had a Republican party Defense Secretary. Clinton and Bush seem to me to be similar in agenda, presently, and I believe that with all the trips Clinton made to Seattle while Janet Reno (again with that woman!) was threatening to smash his company into 3 pieces (Bringing suit against the software company Microsoft for violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act--I think she used that as leverage or black mail to gain CARNIVORE software "...or else!"), it has often occurred to me, since the beginning : What if over the period of 8 years, white jumpsuited men with hard hats who were indescript and looked like painters and plumbers just came here and there, this day and that day, entered the WTC towers and removed real porcelin toilets and urinals (everyone knows that evey skyscraper has on each and every floor,a battery of at least 10-20 toilets and urinals in each men's room) and that these were replaced with porcelin-coated toilets, yet the enamel covered a toilet which had an inner composition of C4 or thermite, which, unless exposed to extreme heat, would be quite harmless, and that the so-called "sleepers" here were not people, but objects we use daily, just as the so-called "dominos" in South East Asia were not nations, but people.

I put this out simply because nothing I have ever heard from any government source about what happened on September 11, 2001, and nothing I ever heard uttered by George W.Bush was something I considered credible, true, accurate, or moreover, anything short of a bald-faced lie. And when people are dissatisfied with the spoon-fed pablum and propaganda from a basically Nazi-esque fascist America, they look for and disseminate their own versions. America is not what it seems to be, just like the average conch on the beach is able to fool the uneducated passerby beach-comber. That which looks like a conch-shell, when found on the beach, looks on the outside like the same animal on the ocean floor, but actually now has a new resident, a hermit crab, dwelling inside--having devouered the original occupant and actual maker of the shell, and because of the shift in its specific gravity,gets a free ride to a better food buffet and floats to the top and onto the beach--America looks like the Red, the White, the Blue, but is basically no better than what Hitler was running back in 1933 under his Enabling Act, after his Nazi-initiated Reichstag Fire, which he blamed on communists and Jews, on the outside, it still looks like America,but in reality, the inner core of the nation is changed, and is completely divorced from what used to be here. We don't see it: Why? Because the frog in the boiling water will jump out, but the frog in water which is gradually heated will be boiled to death. We, the people, are gradually being "boiled to death" and are unaware of what's happening to us, because we are fish in water, unaware of the existence of sky, land, and what's underground. Our water is gradually becoming all foggy, the lines are getting blurred.

Lest ye forget, Janet Reno was also the same person who gave America the deaths of almost 80 children at the Branch Davidians ranch near Waco, Texas--ironically the very children she had accused David Koresh of abusing. Texas authorities seemed, at the time, to have no trouble with this chap, they returned weapons to him earlier, and the Texas Rangers report on what happened there in 1993 accuses Reno of the atrocity, the gassing, the fire, and everything else that went wrong. Also, Reno was the same person who leaked to the news media (regarding Richard Jewell) that led to the widespread and incorrect presumption of his guilt in the Centennial Olympic Park bombing. She later apologized, saying "I'm very sorry it happened. I think we owe him an apology. I regret the leak."
I truly believe that she and many others in the Clinton administration (he initially wanted to put two women who cheated the social security taxes of their illegal alien nannies in the office of the highest office of justice in America!) served a vital purpose in the government, and that is the historic and endemic pattern of appointing and rewarding incompetence ("atta boy, Brownie, doing a bang-up job!"--George Bush) in the service of the people, and not getting people who have knowledge, brains, or moral fibre to do the right thing. Clinton and Bush are both of them disgraces! One, an impeached executive who lied and who possessed no moral fibre, and the other, a war criminal and a war criminal's syncohant!    
Added 8/12/2010 by;

Kim-Ha Albert

The Bush administration, I have always contended, early on in 2001, started out by trying to pick a fight and fight a war with CHINA: their spy plane was allowed to be brought down over Hainan, but Kissinger and Associates advised young Bushie against this move--so he and his idiot collegues and butthole friends ripped a few pages out of Adolf Hitler's life story, and read about how he had his Nazi thugs find a mentally ill Dutch boy raving against the fascists, and they allowed him to play with matches, overheard his rantings, followed him and decided that by framing him for the burning of the Reichstag,( because they, THROUGH A SECRET UNDERGROUND TUNNEL CONNECTING HERMANN GOERING'S OFFICE TO THE REICHSTAG, had added the accelerant NECESSARY for the fire which matches ALONE could not cause); while it blazed out of control, all very shortly after Hitler's election in 1933, (which, like George W. Bush's election, was by no means a "mandate"), , they blamed "communists" and "Jews" -- and the Enabling Act of 1933 was born. Bush, Cheney, and many others masterminded an attack on America, had CIA-connected assets in Hamburg work with and goad, egg-on, and abet a small clique of Saudi and Kuwaiti agents who all wanted AMERICAN AIR BASES LIKE PRINCE SULTAN AND OTHERS OUT OF SAUDI ARABIA, ( and these agents were later disavowed by the Kingdom) and they WANTED TO MAKE A CONNECTION TO IRAQ, SADDAM HUSSEIN'S GOVERNMENT AND HIS FAMILY, and they used dubious links connecting Mohammad Atta while he was in Prague, to the Iraqi Embassy, which proved to be nothing, and they hoodwinked EVERYONE,later on with Dick Halliburton Cheney's "mushroom cloud speech" that there was a threat--in order to get the party started they needed a pretext (read: DECEIT) for war, had money shifted through some accounts, allowed these guys to come in and out of the country unfettered, just about as unfettered as the US money which years early under GHWB sent to Iraq through the Department of Agriculture which shifted money and credit blips on a computer out of the Atlanta branch of the Banca Nazionale de Lavoro (BNL), an Italian government owned bank with branches throughout the world.(BNL Atlanta's lending to Iraq to $100 million in agricultural loans and $50 million to the Central Bank of Iraq on the condition that it was fully secured. In addition, BNL's activities violated U.S. banking laws. ) They allowed these men to take cursory piloting lessons, FBI director Robert Mueller allowed at least two agents, the Special Agents in Charge in Minneapolis and in Phoenix to work at cross-purposes, when one Coleen Rowley's memo to the director was not forwarded to the Phoenix agent about a man named Moussaoui.

The Phoenix FBI agent James Hauswirth made reports which were allowed to go ignored and were left unknown to Coleen Rowley, in a deliberate attempt to allow these people to do these things.

It is high-time, almost 10 years after the fact, that the American people wake up and stop being the sheeple that were duped into believing that some guys with boxcutters with ties to Afghanistan did this on September 11, 2001

JFK speaking about secrecy
Thank you, 

Kim-Ha Albert  Eric Anderson- Editor. 


Anonymous said...

Wow!! You are so cool, dear Eric P. Anderson, for posting this piece here on your blog!! You make it look so beautiful here, as the type-face and the background are most attractive! Thank you, sir!

Eric said...

Glad you like it. I hope others do!

Andrea Friedell said...

I for one had my background of distrust fostered much further back -- during the Vietnam war, when I began reading and researching what was going on, and not on TV. We formed a group at UTEP, called the Student Action Committee, and focused on teach-ins to expose interested students to reporters and authors who were exposing some aspects of the causes of the war, and of course we were soundly denounced by the Young Republicans on campus, and not allowed to participate in the Veterans Day Parade, with our float that merely said "Congress shall have the power to declare war."

doc_ said...

“When virtue is lost, benevolence appears, when benevolence is lost right conduct appears, when right conduct is lost, expedience appears. Expediency is the mere shadow of right and truth; it is the beginning of disorder.” -- Lao Tzu

I tend to think he knew what was up...